Ray Winston Bet365

It’s the international break and despite my best efforts, it’s really hard to care about it. England have already qualified from a poor group (no disrespect intended to the smaller nations of course) and the games are pretty much pointless.

I could sit here and write about a hand bags argument between Memphis Depay and Robin Van Persie, talk about how England will probably lose in the Euros next summer when they come up against a nation with a similar population and football culture just like they did at the World Cup.

But instead, I’m going to write about Ray Winston’s head (above) and how I’m sick of the sight of it. Anyone that watches live games on Sky will have seen Ray’s head at half time, updating us with the latest odds from Bet365.

I don’t know why, but I have an irrational dislike for these adverts and Ray’s floating head with the echoing voice, probably because it’s been forced upon me every game for the past 3 years now.

By the way, I’m not hating on Bet365, just the advert. I have an account with them and I use them for football betting, playing roulette in their casino (learn about this game at Roulette Made Simple) and my other half has her own account with them that she uses for playing bingo (learn about that at Which Bingo).

What I’ve never understood about these adverts is that they’re shown during live football games on Sky television, so Sky are advertising Bet365 on their own broadcast. Nothing would be out of the ordinary here if it wasn’t for the fact that Sky own one of Bet365’s biggest rivals – Sky Bet.

They are in direct competition with one another, so why would Sky advertise a rival even though there’s obviously a lot of money on the table? Why not advertise themselves instead? They have no problem shelling out on advertisements and sponsorships, they even sponsored what’s now known as the Sky Bet Championship. Then again, I’m just a humble working class man, what would I know about these multi million pound deals?

What I do know is that I will be sitting down to watch the football this weekend and Ray’s floating head is just waiting for me at half time. I can’t wait.