Brendan Rodger Tottenham QuoteThis past weekend, Brendan Rodgers was finally put out of his misery and sacked as Liverpool manager. For a long time now, Brendan has been on the reveicing end of jokes, vines and memes from Internet pranksters so it was no surprise when the Twitter was awash with reactions following the breaking news of his sacking.

On a personal note, I actually feel a bit sorry for Brendan. He seems like a decent bloke and everything has gone wrong for him since the Gerrard slip. He’s the butt of the joke for many fans and will probably continue to be when he gets back into football. At the same time though, there’s rumours of him getting a £6 million settlement package from Liverpool, and I would happily be an Internet joke for that kind of money.

What I thought I would do here is share just a few of the best reactions from around the Internet.

Deluded Brendan has fast become a legendary Twitter account and while its popularity and growth will probably slow down the longer Rodgers is out of football, fans are all over it at the moment for his reaction. The CV is filled with digs at Rodgers such as “Nearly won the Premier League” “spent £300 million” and last but not least “great character” which has become synonymous with Rodgers due to how often he says it in post match interviews and press conferences.

There’s literally too many of these kinds of videos and vines to watch and list them all, but these are two of the best I found. Poor Brendan. It’s not just following his sacking that these videos have been appearing, just check out these two vines from the week before his departure:

People have been making these kinds of jokes about Brendan for a while now and I can’t think of any football manager that’s been on the receiving end of this much “banter”. Here’s one of my favourite videos from over a year ago from impressionist Darren Farley. I’m fully expecting him to make a video about the sacking very soon.

Last but not least, here’s 17 cringe worthy quotes from Brendan which is what made him a favourite of Internet pranksters in the first place. I wish Brendan the best and hope he gets another job in football soon because as I said, he really does seem like a decent bloke. Other people probably don’t want him to be out of the game for too long too although for different reasons entirely.